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We are a complete International Student housing service. We provide all of the essential services and amenities required for International Students to successfully live in Kitchener while attending Conestoga College.

Here is a partial list of our services and requirements:

We provide safe, secure, and clean accommodations for all of our student tenants.
All students have their own individual bedroom. Local and provincial laws do not allow the sharing of bedrooms.
After a student registers and pays the required deposit we will send a “Proof of Housing” letter outlining the deposit paid and the location of the accommodation.
We arrange for pickup at the Toronto International Airport and delivery to our offices or to the rental accommodation where we meet them and move them into their rental unit.
We take each student on an orientation to show them where to shop and where the college is located and where to go on their first day at the school.
We assist them in setting up a bank account at one of the local banks.
Fully furnished rooms and common areas. This includes a bed, desk, chair, lamp and a closet for hanging clothes.
The kitchens all have a fridge (sometimes 2), stove, microwave, table and chairs for eating.
Dishes for eating and pots for cooking are included.
The common rooms have furniture for relaxing.
All utilities are included in the rent – heat, water, electricity
Internet is provided in some locations. In locations where it is not provided, the students share the cost of the internet.
After moving in we provide a thorough orientation session called “How to Live in a Canadian Home”. This session will explain how to use all of the appliances, how to clean properly, how to use the heating system and how to care for the common areas of the house. We also cover safety and security in the home and we review local bylaws and regulations. Emergency contact information is reviewed so that the students are clear about what to do in all situations.
Regular inspections where we check all of the systems (electrical, heating, water) to be sure there are no problems. We check all safety systems to be sure they are working as specified in the fire code and building code. We also check to be sure that the house is clean. In cases where it is not clean we show the students where the concerns are and how to take care of it.

4 months prepaid rent. This can be done through bank to bank transfer, wire transfer (Western Union) or using PayPal.
A signed application form which has all of their contact information and emergency contact information. This form can be completed before arrival in Canada or after arrival.
A signed lease. This lease is completed after the student arrives in Kitchener. This lease conforms to the Ontario rules and regulations for housing.







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