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Conestoga Student Housing

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We want you to feel
at home!

We are committed to providing safe, clean and affordable housing featuring a wide range of great features and benefits.

General Information about all of our listings:

  • Include on-site laundry facilities
    (Not-coin operated)

  • On the GRT Bus Route that goes directly to Conestoga College

  • All within walking distance of:
    - Zehrs       
    - Banks
    - Tim Horton's
    - Dairy Queen
    - Pizza
    - Drug store
    - Home Hardware 

  • All include lawn maintenance and snow removal

  • All Leases 12 months - May, September or January.

  • All units to accommodate 3 to 6 students  


"Wow, Robert really took care of our needs and was always prompt when something needed to be repaired." Sarah B.

"Susan is an excellent landlord. When we called to have our kitchen taps fixed, because of the leak, she had a plumber there right away. Thanks Susan!!" Andrew J.

"Dave P. is the kind of landlord everyone wants. He was there when our furnace stopped working. He brought a heater and had the furnace guy there the next day. Dave, youíre the best." Jason K.

"Rob is the most cheerful landlord Iíve ever seen. He was always happy and smiling when he came to see us and nothing seemed to bother him. Weíll tell all our classmates to rent with you guys." Melissa M.

"If studying were as easy as dealing with Conestoga Student Housing I wouldnít have to study at all." Alexia

"Best places, best rooms, great prices and nice people. Thanks for everything." Don H.

"Iíve been telling all my friends to get out of residence and move into one of your places. Itís cheaper and way better." Julia D.

"My place is only 4 minutes walk to the college. Just enough time to wake up for my early morning class." Phil J.

"Where do I tell all my friends to look for rooms? Your site of course. Iíve lived in one of Robís places for 2 years and Iím very happy." Bill C.

"My friends and me have really enjoyed staying at your place. The neighbours are friendly and one of them even bakes us cookies. Thanks Sue." Ronda F.

 "My roommates and I were happy to write a testimonial for Sue.  This is our third and final year in the house we rented from Sue.  We have really enjoyed living here.  It has been perfect.  We are close to everything we need and this place is great and there are 6 of us.  We have had very few reasons to contact Sue.  This place was very clean when we moved in and it was everything the description had said it was.  Once I lost my keys and was able to get in touch with Sue and she came right over and unlocked my door for me.  Friends of mine have not been so lucky with their landlord.  If we run out of salt for the water softener we just email Sue and she gets it looked after as soon as she can. She even checks on our place when we are all gone at Christmas."

"We have 4 other friend in our program who rent another place from Sue and they are  just as happy as we are.  So you will have no problems if you rent a house from  Sue". The girls on Pioneer Drive!

"Lindsay is a great landlord.  She and her husband get back to us quickly of we email them about anything.  That is about all we can say but they are great as landlords and take really good care of this place. We would recommend them anytime."  Tim, Tom, Mike, and Pete 

"I have rented a condo from Sue for 2 years and think she is a great landlady.  Our friends think we have one of the best places they have seen and some of my friends are in places I wouldn't want to live in.  This is so much better than residence was. Glad we found it."  Alicia, Brett, Lindsay and Rob

"Lindsay and Adam are really nice and this place is great.  I am glad they don't allow smoking because some of my friends are in places that allow it and I couldn't live there.  This is on the bus route and it is a 5 minute bus ride right to door 3...cheaper than a parking pass.  Zehrs and Tim Hortons are right down the street so that is good, too. We have been here for 2 years."  Michaela and Karen and Lindsey and Jill 






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